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From Brilliant Babies to Scholars, our Scholars program is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten Readiness and lifelong learning. We help make the transition to grade school an exciting time!

Scholars Area

From Brilliant Babies to Scholars, our Scholars program is designed to prepare children for lifelong learning through school age subjects with a focus on science, technology, mathematics, reading comprehension and writing. It is our aim to implement a Kindergarten readiness program that helps our students easily transition to grade school. With achievement goals and bi-weekly skill assessments, our teachers are able to hone in on skills where students may need additional support and to deepen their understanding of skills where they are demonstrating mastery. We limit class size to 20 Scholars with two teachers, always maintaining a 1:10 teacher-student ratio. Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided daily.

Each Scholar receives a personal sleeping cot and parents are asked to bring in fitted sheets and blankets. Cots are safely disinfected at the end of each day. Our teachers sanitize toys and bathrooms throughout the day to ensure cleanliness.


Ready for the next step in their educational journey, a typical Scholar’s day is filled with exciting learning activities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, and exploration of fundamental concepts. In addition to dramatic play, socialization activities, and loads of fun, our teachers ramp up instruction to engage our Scholars in core academic learning sure to prepare them for kindergarten readiness and beyond. Phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, sight words, handwriting, and math are the primary focus during our structured learning times. Teachers observe student learning, maintain anecdotal records and assess students bi-weekly to document growth of each child. These notes are also used to differentiate instruction and provide one-on-one learning to ensure each child successfully masters our learning milestones and objectives.

A Beka curriculum serves as the core academic program with emphasis on phonics blending, sentence formation and reading comprehension. Students are taught to read with a systematic, step-by-step reading plan based upon the sounds of each letter. This gives students a solid foundation for developing exceptional reading skills. Science and social studies are integrated daily allowing students to learn about themselves and the world around them. Students learn about community helpers and simple safety rules, beginnings of American history, and children of 10 different countries including simple geography. We also emphasize additional skills including: problem-solving, clarifying and making predictions, writing and self-expression, and foreign language.

We are most excited about our Scholars engaging in weekly S.T.E.A.M. lessons. Beginning at age 3, we introduce S.T.E.A.M. to extend learning beyond ABCs and 123s. Children create arts & crafts, engage in hands-on activities, and interact with fun educational games using touch-screen computers! Each week, teachers prepare high interest science, math, and engineering projects to promote problem solving and critical thinking. Small group instruction is provided daily to ensure each child has adequate support and attention to master content taught.

At the end of each day, parents receive a daily communication tracker highlighting diaper changes, meal consumption notes and nap times, and special moments captured throughout the day.

Sample Schedule

A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal & nap times and all activities accomplished each day.


Time Activity
7:00 — 8:15 AM Open Learning Centers & Breakfast
8:30 — 9:00 AM Circle Time (Prayer / Story Time / Pledge / Attendance / Weather / Calendar)
9:00 — 10:00 AM DLM Early Childhood Express Daily Lessons & Rotations
10:00 — 10:30 AM Potty Break / Hand-washing / Water Break
10:30 — 11:00 AM Physical Development Outdoor Play
11:00 — 11:15 AM Hand-washing / Water Break
11:15 — 12:15 PM Rotations: S.T.E.A.M. Lesson / Language & Literacy / Learning Centers
12:15 — 12:45 PM Lunch Preparation and Lunch
12:45 — 1:00 PM Potty / Hand-washing / Nap Preparation
1:00 — 3:00 PM Nap Time
3:00 — 3:30 PM Physical Development Outdoor Play
3:30 — 4:00 PM Potty / Hand-washing / PM Snack
4:00 — 4:15 PM Music & Movement
4:15 — 4:30 PM Circle Time (Featured Story / Spanish & Sign Language / Sight Words / Daily Review)
4:30 — 5:30 PM Potty / Hand-washing / Handwriting / Math Manipulatives
5:30 — 6:00 PM Rotations (Literacy / Dramatic Play / Manipulatives / Table Top Activities)

Nutrition Program

Please click our Monthly Menu below to see the carefully planned meals our chef prepares onsite daily. Our meals are nutritious, delicious and sure to please each little tummy. With two primary thoughts in mind, children’s taste buds and healthy foods, our menu offers a yummy balance of proteins, grains, vegetables and fruit.

Weekly tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and 1 nutritious snack.

Monthly Menu

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