About Bright Scholars

Bright Scholars Early Learning Academy is a beautiful well-appointed educational child care center located in St. Cloud, Florida just minutes south of Lake Nona’s Medical City. Within this newly constructed academy, we offer an innovative and affordable solution for parents and families who desire a safe, loving environment for their little ones. With low teacher-student ratios, small class sizes, and all-inclusive tuition, Bright Scholars offers unmatched services for our families. We serve children ages 6 weeks through age 10.

Our Core Values

Bright Scholars Early Learning Academy was established upon three core values that shape the way we work and operate within our academy. LOVE. LEARN. LAUGH. These words describe the experience each child encounters when parents entrust their children in our care.

We Believe we must first provide a LOVING and nurturing environment to build trust with both parents and children.

Our love is demonstrated by giving personal attention to each individual, caring for their physical and emotional needs, making positive affirmations daily to encourage self-confidence, and most importantly, ensuring our little ones are safe and free to explore the world about them with guided support.

We Believe the greatest LEARNING takes place once love has been established and children feel safe within their environment.

Our teachers engage students in learning experiences designed to stimulate growth in all key developmental areas: cognitive, physical, and social-emotional. Using a nationally recognized curriculum, students participate in theme-based learning activities throughout the day including language development, reading, math, science, music, sign language, foreign language and so much more!!!

We Believe LAUGHTER is equally important to the development of a child.

Children should be free to play, explore, build friendships and simply have FUN! We deliberately infuse fun within learning activities through arts and crafts, music and dance, dramatic play, digital technology, and outdoor play. What a joy it is to hear children’s laughter throughout the academy!

Here’s How Bright Scholars Is Redefining the Standards

Small Class Sizes

Enrollment is limited in each classroom to ensure safety and personalized care. With fewer students, teachers have more opportunities to observe learning, individualize instruction, and engage in direct interaction with each child.

Low Teacher-Student Ratios

Age Bright Scholars State Ratios
Infants 1:4 1:4
Ones 1:6 1:6
Twos 1:8 1:11
Threes 1:10 1:15
Fours 1:10 1:20

Character Education

Early education is a perfect time to aid little ones in positively interacting with others. A key part of our daily instruction includes character building through the teaching of children’s stories that focus on moral conduct. Our students will understand the importance of being friendly and loving their teachers, classmates, family and friends. We are an extension of the home, supporting the family values parents are instilling in their children.

S.T.E.A.M. Exploration

We provide advanced learning and exploration through S.T.E.A.M. activities that focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. An example of a S.T.E.A.M. lesson includes students singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat as a precursor to building boats to learn about buoyancy. They then test their boats to see if they will float across our Tupperware-made streams. Teachers provide S.T.E.A.M. lessons daily during small group learning with 4-5 students to ensure they understand each lesson.


Each week, our Scholars, ages 3 and older, visit the STEAM Lab to engage in experiments focusing on either science, technology, engineering, art, and math. STEAM education sparks kids’ creativity and draws on their natural curiosity with project-based activities all designed to promote problem solving and critical thinking. Each STEAM lesson begins with a simple question, and children then work in small groups with the teacher to find the answer.

Ongoing Professional Learning

We have high expectations for our teachers. In order for teachers to meet these standards, they receive weekly professional development to hone their craft to deliver advanced learning and quality care for our Bright Scholars. Teachers also receive daily planning periods to prepare engaging lessons, collaborate with colleagues, and share new ideas.

Our Staff

Each child at Bright Scholars is greeted daily by certified, qualified teachers, who have been carefully selected to provide love, nurturing care and education for our children. Dr. Mia Young, owner and founder, has extensive experience in education as a teacher, school principal, and a program manager for a large childcare franchise. She is highly involved in the academy ensuring quality care and learning are provided.             

Our Environment

We take pride in providing a clean, safe and educational environment for young children and their families. Our new facility is state of the art, offering advanced technology including secured video streaming for parental viewing, biometric fingerprint scanners to sign children in and out, and magnetic door locks for secured access to our center. Our outside play area offers safe fun with age appropriate equipment and organized activities.