summer camp

Choosing the appropriate camp is the first step in ensuring your kid has the best and most formative summer of their life. You want kids to have a good time and to have plenty of opportunities to be active and learn. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing most of the must-knows for parents, from summer camp options to summer camp preparation tips for your little camper. Read on!

Summer Camp Options Parents Can Choose From

Parents must be diligent about what summer camp they send their kids to. Some camps are more competitive and skill-based, while others are more relaxed and cooperative. Here’s how to choose:

1. Day Camp or Sleepaway Camp?

Sleepaway camp lasts from one to eight weeks and includes a variety of supervised activities. Day camp is ideal for children who are not interested in or prepared for sleepaway camp. It often includes activities comparable to sleepaway camp, as well as transportation to and from the location.

2. Specialty Camp or Regular Camp?

Specialty camps concentrate on a particular subject or activity, such as sports or the arts. Traditional camps offer a broader experience, often including arts & crafts, sports, and outdoor activities.

Is a special-needs camp the best option? These are for children who have mental, medical, or physical impairments.

Then, prioritize your options depending on your child’s needs, hobbies, and personality.

Essential Questions Parents Need to Ask About Summer Camp

When you’ve narrowed down your summer camp options, it’s time to meet with the camp director. Among the questions to ask are:

  • What is your educational and professional background?
  • Is the camp certified?
  • What is the camp’s overarching philosophy?
  • How many campers and counselors return each year?
  • How is the counselor training program structured?
  • What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?
  • What are your safety and medical plans (particularly if the camp is not accredited)?
  • Can I talk with parents whose children attended the camp?

Finally, if possible, spend a day at the camp with your child. Upon visiting the site, parents must trust their gut. The final decision depends on whether or not you are comfortable leaving your child at this camp.

Getting Your Child Ready for Camp

The most important takeaway is to involve your child in every part of the process. Doing so avoids nasty or overwhelming surprises once they start camp.

1. Let Your Little Camper Do Most of the Packing

You won’t be able to assist your camper in locating towels, socks, or flip-flops while they are away. 

Before they go camping, kids should feel empowered and responsible for their things because learning to take track of their belongings is one way kids develop from their camp experience. So, whether you’re making a packing list, labeling stuff, or loading a trunk, let your camper lead the way.

2. Attend New Campers Orientation, If Any

The more a child learns about the staff, program, and other campers, the more quickly they adjust to camp. Some camps have an Open House on the campgrounds or in metropolitan areas where many kids live.

3. Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment 

When you receive the welcome letter, medical documents, and packing list, it might feel like you have plenty of time to spare. 

However, if your kid needs a physical to attend camp, it’s essential to schedule an appointment as soon as possible before the available time slots fill up.

4. Do a Dry Run

If it’s your child’s first time away from home, plan an overnight or two at a friend’s or grandparent’s house well before leaving for camp. 

This will show your kid that they can survive or have fun even without your presence.

Final Thoughts

Different summer camps were made for different kids. Some are more learning-oriented, while others are more competitive. As a result, parents must study what summer camp will fit their child’s needs best to give them the best summer experience.

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