Ways to Improve Your Kindergartener's Social Skills

Children have different views and experiences on learning and schools. As your child approaches kindergarten, the word school readiness takes on a new meaning. You’re not alone in being concerned about your child’s academic performance. These are common concerns among parents.

School readiness is a metric that assesses a child’s ability to succeed in a classroom setting. This test examines the cognitive, emotional, and social qualities that a kid will need to succeed in more institutionalized academic settings.

The development of cognitive skills is frequently emphasized. However, most experts agree that social and emotional abilities are just as crucial to a child’s academic performance.

Below, take a look at some of the social and emotional skills that a child requires and how you can help them grow at home.

Recognize and Control Emotions

Children perform better in school when they understand and can control their emotions to some extent. This implies they can recognize when they’re furious and express themselves in healthy, non-harmful ways.

Allowing your youngster to express their feelings at home can help with this development. Assist them in naming the emotion and then assisting him in expressing it in acceptable ways.

You may read stories to your child or look at photos with them. Discuss the emotions that a character or person in a picture may be experiencing. 

Ask your child to speculate on how the individual is feeling, what might have caused them to feel that way, and how they might express those feelings.

Children can also learn a lot from grownups. As you model emotional regulation, you assist your child in becoming emotionally competent. Discuss your feelings with your child and show them how to express these emotions in a healthy way.

Form Beneficial Relationships

Children must spend many hours in a classroom with other children and adults. A youngster must be able to manage these interactions in order to learn in the classroom. While they’re not forced to be friends with everyone, they must treat others with respect and kindness.

Make sure your child has chances to socialize in order to help them develop these abilities. Make arrangements for them to spend time with other children. Following these get-togethers, discuss how you observed your child being a good friend.

Tell stories about children who are in social situations. Start a discussion about how you see a youngster developing great relationships with others, or talk about alternative actions if the characters aren’t demonstrating these abilities.

Resolve Social Issues

It’s unavoidable in a classroom for disagreements to emerge. That’s why one of the most precious gifts you can give a child is the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully and courteously. 

As a child matures, it’s critical that parents step aside and allow them the time and space they need to solve difficulties. They also teach them problem-solving skills like negotiation, collaboration, compromise, and perspective-taking.

Children’s books can aid in the development of social skills in young children. Pause reading a story when the main character is confronted with a dilemma. You may also participate in discussion with your child about how the character might solve the problem. 

Experiment with different problem-solving methods. Always take the initiative to discuss how you handle social situations with your child so that they might learn from you. 

Your child will learn to navigate our complex social world as they learn to discover and assess solutions.


Adults frequently provide children with experience in the physical and academic skills required for school readiness. However, it’s also important to assist children in developing social skills. A child who is proficient in these skills is more likely to be ready for school.

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