There are many benefits to sending a child to daycare or childcare. They can develop their social skills, improve communication, give them confidence, and prepare them for further academic ventures. However, the transition to childcare can be a challenge for both the toddler and you as their parent.

For your young one, childcare means undergoing changes in their routine, time away from their parents, and foreign experiences. For you, on the other hand, this spells getting through a child’s meltdown calmly when they do not want to part, letting go of their hand, and seeing them do their best not to cry once you leave.

If you are feeling stressed just reading about it, don’t worry. Here are a few tips that can help you and your toddler adjust to daycare.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Nursery

Managing your headspace is the first step to helping your child get used to nursery school. You can’t calm your child if you are not calm.

Children are very perceptive. They can sense your mood and emotions. If you feel unsure and hesitant about sending them off to school, you can expect they would feel the same, with a little more crying and potentially some kicking or screaming.

It’s natural to be worried about your child; you’re a parent, after all. You can talk through it with your family, or even speak with the teacher. Remember, nursery school is not scary. It’s a new adventure.

Make the Transition Gradual

One of the things that may make you and your child uncomfortable is the sudden change in routine. One day you’re together almost 24/7, and the next day, you’re gone for a full day.

Speak with the teacher and check if the school accommodates a phased transition. Phased transitions are plans to slowly wean kids to the idea of going to school for a full day.

These transition plans may look something like this.

  • First Day: Both you and your kid will spend an hour at school.
  • Second Day: You will drop your kid off at school but come back for them after an hour and a half.
  • Third Day: You will take your kid to school and fetch them after lunch.
  • Fourth Day: You will drop off your kid at school and pick them up after nap time.
  • Fifth Day: You will send your kid off to school and they will stay for the whole day.

Establish a Routine

Imagine that you were taken from your home and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. It’s unnerving, confusing, and overwhelming, right? That’s similar to how your toddler may be feeling. They have been uprooted from their routine, and they feel overwhelmed with all the new things and people.

To give your toddler a good start, make a morning routine that works for both of you. Then ensure to stick to it. A routine gives them a sense of familiarity and control. They know what to expect, so they don’t feel as overwhelmed.

You can eat your breakfast together. Maybe you can work side by side to pack your lunches or go through a checklist of everything that needs to be in their bag before leaving the house. Whatever you do, remember to be consistent.


Transitioning a toddler to daycare can be stressful for you and your kid. But if you and your child’s teacher plan ahead, mentally prepare yourself, stay calm, and establish a routine, you can help your kid have a great experience in childcare. 

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