Children start blossoming and developing at a highly rapid pace when they start preschool. Preschool-aged children will start coming out of their shells and creating more of their personalities when they meet other children in their first school years. It is at this time when children begin to discover that not everyone’s the same as themselves.

At this point, young children will find others they gravitate toward, which will lead to them making friends for the first time. The thing is, making friends may not come naturally to some children as it does to others. Remember that social development, just like other developmental milestones, may be different from one child to another. However, if you are a parent who is concerned about their child’s social development, this article is for you!

Tips to Help Foster Social Development in Your Children

As children grow and encounter new people, they will find others who have the same interests and likes. This process will also help them discover the traits within themselves that others may discover likable as well. While it is a natural process everyone goes through, as parents, here is a list of tips to help you foster social development in your children. 

1 – Encourage Cooperation

Young children will generally act out instead of trying to look for a way to solve the problem. Preschoolers need to learn how to cooperate with others for things to go smoothly. Teach your children to use the appropriate language when they want to express themselves. This will foster good cooperation and help them get along better with others. 

2 – Teach Them How to Deal with Anger and Frustration

When things don’t go their way, your tiny humans may react with anger and frustration. If this happens, it is essential to allow your child to vent out and express how they feel. They should learn to actively explain what triggered their adverse reactions and how they think you can help; teaching them to use positive and purposeful language will help them deal with frustration.

3 – Help Them Learn to “Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes.”

Empathy is one of the most important things that a child can learn. Having them think about how their actions may affect others will help them be more mindful of what they do. 

4 – Let Them Discover

Children usually test the limits of their actions and check what reactions they can get out of what they do. Allow them to discover how this domino effect can work for them. Talking to them when they commit errors in judgment will help them understand that you are there to guide them instead of judge and punish them for mistakes. 

5 – Separate Children and Behaviors

When your children do wrongful behaviors, remind them that you did not like the things they did, which made you angry. Focus on the behavior you want to change and not the child. This will allow them to understand that they are loved, but certain things about their behavior need to be changed. 


Having your child start preschool is an exciting change, for both the child and you, as their parent. It is okay to admit that you are feeling a little anxious about their first school experience. This is entirely normal, and many parents go through this. The key is to talk to your child and understand how they feel about the situation. Going through this process together will help you know how much support your child needs and help you provide it to them.

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