children hugging

Social skills are an important part of life and being an adult. It is crucial that one is able to develop the needed social skills to make things easier to navigate. Without social skills, one may not grow and develop the way one should be.

For children, they can easily pick up these social skills needed while still in school. However, it’s not all the time that children can become socializers. As adults, it is important that we become role models to these children for them to develop these necessary skills.

If you are not sure if you are teaching children the proper social skills, read on to learn more tips:

Talk to Your Child Normally

While baby-talking a child is tempting, this does not help with the development of their social skills. It is okay to learn and play affectionately with a child, but it is also important to teach them how to hold a proper conversation. Set some time each day to teach your child the basics of a conversation.

Do not limit this to simple grammar and sentence structure. This should also include the manners your child should have during the conversation. Teach them to engage and also speak up politely.

Encourage Them to Play with Others

If you are at a playground, try to encourage your child to play with the other kids. Make sure to keep an eye on how they behave throughout. If they seem to be having a good time while playing with other children, you can worry less.

However, if they seem to be showing signs of introversion or shyness, just ease them slowly. Do not force them into situations that they may not like and try to guide them. This will help them enjoy their time socializing and not resent it later on.

Teach Them Empathy

Empathy is one of the most basic social skills that a child must have. Children do not inherently develop empathy; rather, they must be taught it. In being able to understand and empathize with others, they become more sociable and form relationships with others.

It is not easy for a child to quickly develop empathy and understand other children. It will take some time and possibly practice with you for them to develop this. So try to stay patient and take it slow with your child until they can develop it fully.

Allow Them to Be Independent

As an adult, it is your role to be there and protect the child. However, there can be certain situations where you do not necessarily need to answer or talk for them. Allow them to do some things on their own while keeping watch as a guide.

For example, if another parent or a teacher tries to ask them questions, encourage them to answer. If they cannot answer on their own, take this opportunity to guide them through answering the questions. Allowing them to practice in real-life situations makes it easier for them to do it on their own later on.


Everyone needs to have social skills to get through life. As adults, socializing is a part of our daily routine and we need it to get through things. It is crucial that we teach this to our children at an early age for them to develop fully in all aspects.

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