preschool student cutting paper

Separation anxiety is a very normal and common occurrence in young children, especially during the preschool years. It is typical for kids to be anxious or scared when separated from their parents or primary caregivers. While it can be difficult for us parents to see our children upset, it is essential to remember that this fear is a normal part of child development.

You can do a few things as a parent to help your child feel more comfortable on their first day of school. You can talk to them about what to expect, help them pack their backpack with any comfort items they may want, and speak to their teacher ahead of time about any concerns you may have. On the day of, try to stay calm and positive, and say goodbye with a big hug and a promise to see them later.

Help your child get excited for their first day of preschool by talking about all the fun they will have. Make a point to talk about the new friends they will meet and the things they will get to do. If your child has any specific concerns, address them directly and help them devise a plan to overcome any challenges. Finally, start practicing a few essential routines, like saying goodbye, so your child knows what to expect on their first day.

Visit the School before the First Day

As the first day of preschool approaches, it is normal for both kids and parents to feel slightly anxious. After all, it is a significant change! But you can do a few things to help ease the transition and ensure your child is as prepared as possible. 

One of the best things you can do is visit the school together before the first day. This way, your child can see what their new environment will be like and start to get used to it. Take a school tour, visit the playground, and read some books about starting preschool together.

It is also helpful to talk about what a typical day will be like. Discuss how your child will get to school in the morning, what they will do once they are there, and even what they eat. This way, they will know what to expect and will not be as overwhelmed on their first day.

Give the Teacher a Heads Up

You may be anxious about your little angel starting school and being away from you for extended periods. It is natural to seek guidance from someone who has been through this before and can offer helpful tips. Talk to your child’s teacher to get their input and advice on easing into this transition. Your child’s teacher can help make the transition to school more accessible by assigning specific tasks to keep them busy when they arrive and giving them rewards for attendance.


It is usual for children to feel some separation anxiety when they start preschool because they are leaving the comfort of their home and family to go to a new place with new people. You can do some things to help your child manage their separation anxiety. For example, you can talk to them about what to expect at preschool, help them pack their bags, and give them a special toy to take with them. You can also stay with them for a while to help them feel more comfortable on their first day of school.

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