Bright Scholars Early Learning Academy is dedicated to being the BEST preschool in St. Cloud, FL and surrounding areas including Lake Nona.


Our preschool curricular program was carefully designed to focus on the whole child as well as every unique individual.

Because we believe no one learning model fits every child, we created and implement at Bright Scholars, our Blended Learning Model.

Our educational philosophy mirrors a traditional approach to learning which includes teacher–guided activities and instruction within a structured environment.

We focus on teaching math, letters, numbers, sounds, shapes, problem-solving, listening, and more.

Because we also value play-based learning, we provide opportunities for children to explore and learn through imaginative play, art, and block-building.

Our classes feature a variety of centers where learning can take place using open-ended materials.

With our Blended Learning Model, we use four methods to differentiate instruction and engage children in developmentally appropriate activities: Teacher-Led Instruction, Independent Exploration, Technology Integration, and STEAM implementation.


Academic Development

The early years of a child’s intellectual development are crucial because this is the time to build a solid foundation for future learning and supports the growth of cognitive and social abilities necessary for success in school and beyond.

Children are exposed to academic abilities like literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving in preschool, and this early exposure helps children form a strong understanding of these disciplines, which they can then build upon as they grow.

At Bright Scholars, children learn letters, numbers, and fundamental ideas like colors and forms in preschool, which helps them grow to love learning and be enthusiastic about their surroundings while they develop language and communication skills in a nurturing setting.

Throughout their day in our preschool class, children have opportunities to engage with classmates and teachers helping them build the social skills they need to speak effectively in a variety of settings.

Preschool also allows children to prepare for school readiness in many ways beyond academics.

When children leave our preschool program at Bright Scholars, they are more than ready face the kindergarten classroom.

We’ve helped them establish the habits, routines and self-control they will need to excel in elementary school.

We encourage them to ask questions, explore, and experiment, which helps them develop their creativity and problem-solving skills while learning how to think independently and collaborate with others by participating in hands-on activities.

Social and Emotional Development

At Bright Scholars Early Learning Academy, we consider social and emotional development to be just as significant as academic development.

We offer a caring and encouraging environment that motivates children to form healthy bonds with their classmates and teachers.

Our socio-emotional program is designed to help children develop emotional control, self-awareness, and build character.

We use a range of stories and books to focus on character education and constantly model for our children how to communicate their feelings and exist in a community of others.  

Physical Development

The early years of childhood are crucial for a child’s physical development.

Preschool gives children the chance to partake in a range of physical activities that promote the growth of gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and balance.

At Bright Scholars, children participate in physical activities like outdoor play and indoor movement.

Our teachers engage in organized play on our state of the art playground focusing on sportsmanship and working as a team.

We also focus on exercising and other activities to focus on the body’s major muscles, such running, jumping, and climbing.

Our preschoolers participate in exercises that help them develop coordination and balance by playing games that demand them to move their bodies in various ways, such as balancing on one foot, walking heel to toe, and catching a ball.

Children are better equipped to participate in more difficult physical activities and sports as they get older by improving their coordination and balance at an early age.

Bright Scholars’ Preschool Program also allows children to participate in activities that promote fine motor development.

These tasks involve cutting, tracing, and handling small items.

By working on their fine motor skills, children are better prepared for school tasks that require hand-eye coordination like writing, drawing, and using scissors.

To further support physical development, we focus on healthy meals and snacks which aid in building a solid foundation for children’s long-term health by teaching good eating habits.

We provide balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack.

After Care

We are aware that many families require additional assistance after school hours.

For children who require more support, we provide a fun-filled after-care program, Scholars Club, for grades K-5.

Children engage in a range of activities including arts and crafts, music and dance, homework assistance and outdoor play.

In addition, we offer a wholesome snack for each student when they arrive to Bright Scholars.

Enrollment Process

It’s simple to sign up your child for any of our programs.

Fill out an enrollment form, and our team will get in touch to set up a tour of our facility.

You will get the chance to meet our team, discover more about our program, and observe our facility in use during your visit.

We pledge to offer a seamless and helpful enrollment process, and we are available to address any concerns you may have.