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Preschool is a huge step for children, and it is crucial to help them get ready for this big milestone in their lives. For many children, this will be one of the first times that they will be away from you for long periods of time. You may realize this, and if your child will be starting preschool in the next school year, you may be starting to feel a little anxious about this. Your child may also feel a little nervous, but let’s face it, you might be feeling more apprehensive than them.

It is worth noting that these emotions are completely normal, and every parent goes through this process. The good news is that there are key things you can do to prepare your child to face this major change in their lives.

In the sections below, we will share how to prepare your child and also yourself too for preschool:

1 – Read Books

There are many children’s books that will help them know what to expect from preschool, and reading these books with your child will open their minds about what preschool is about. In fact, doing this will help put their minds at ease, especially since many of the plotlines of these storybooks involve a child who is a little scared and hesitant (just like they may be) about starting preschool.

2 – Pretend Play

You can also do pretend play activities that will mimic the things done in preschool. You can have them start a schedule that they can follow during the weeks leading up to their first day, have them fix their own toys, and have them practice saying goodbye to you before they enter their playroom.

3 – Preschool Prep

Have your children come with you to pick out their bags, shoes, and what they want to wear on their first day of preschool. This will help them have a sense of being in control and will help them get over some of the fear and anxiety they may have.

4 – Household Chores

This should be started as soon as your children can help out in your home. However, it is never too late to start, that is if you haven’t already. Giving your child tasks and responsibilities will help them become more independent and realize that they can do things on their own.

5 – Conversations About Preschool

While doing the activities mentioned previously, it will be a good opportunity to open up conversations about preschool. Let your child know that it is perfectly fine to feel a little nervous about their first day and reassure them that everything is going to be fine. 


You may worry that your child may not make friends fast enough and that they will not have you to do everything for them while they will be in school. However, after reading this blog post, we hope that you now feel more ready to help your child (and yourself) be ready for the big change when the time comes. 

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