child going to school

Each day is an opportunity for children to learn something new and valuable. When they have the right people teaching them valuable lessons, kids can go far in their lives. They will also be able to accomplish many things with determination and guidance. It is crucial for children to develop an affinity for learning and to happily attend school each day. 

As parents, you can help shift their interest and make them fall in love with the prospect of learning. Some of the things you can do to spur their thirst for knowledge include the following:

Be Curious Alongside Your Kids

Children are curious by nature. You can encourage this trait of theirs by being curious yourself. To set an example, you can wonder out loud about how things work. When your children ask you questions, you need to take them seriously. You can get the information online or look for it together in books.

Another way of nurturing their curiosity is by watching nature and science shows together and discussing what you learned. You can also do simple experiments at home. You can go online to search for possible home projects that are kid-friendly. 

For example, you can demonstrate how a volcano erupts by crafting a simple science project together. You can spend an hour or two exploring the outdoors together during weekends to further fuel your child’s thirst for knowledge.

Make Reading With Them a Habit

Mastery and interest in reading are keys to a child’s academic success. As such, you want to ensure that they get into the habit of reading often. One way of doing so is by reading to them out loud. You can also cuddle up with them and read alternate pages together.

When selecting books, choose ones with cliffhanger chapters so that they will look forward to reading the next. You can go to the library weekly and encourage your children to borrow books on their own once they are old enough to get a library card. Once they can read independently, entertainment and knowledge are within their grasp. Developing an interest in reading will also make them less likely to become overwhelmed by homework.

Take an Interest in What Goes on at School

Children emulate their parents. If you are genuinely interested in what they’re learning, they will also be more inclined to do schoolwork. Try to find time every afternoon or evening to discuss what they learned at school that day. Instead of being critical, stay interested. You can browse their work together once they come home. Afterward, show your interest in how your children approach homework. You can ask questions, too. You have to be sure not to do their homework for them; what they need is your support. 

Create a Designated Homework Area

Whether your children do homework at a desk or the kitchen table, they need to have a time and place specifically set up for homework. By assigning a place in your house for schoolwork, your children will understand that doing their assignments is of utmost importance.

Make a rule not to use their phones or other gadgets until they’re done with their homework. Doing so will keep distractions at a minimum and emphasize your dedication to their academic excellence. From time to time, you can check on how they’re doing so that you can help them when necessary.


Being interested in your children’s academic performance can help make them look forward to school every day. By showing how exciting learning can be, they will have an easier time adjusting at school and become eager to perform well. 

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