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As a child, how did you view math? Did you revile it? Sadly, most of us loathed it with passion. We might even subconsciously pass our hatred for the subject to our kids. As parents, we need to recondition our children’s minds about math.

It is going to be an arduous journey. But remember that math is the universal language of science. Your children cannot evade it, so you might as well make it into a fun subject. How do you change their perception?

Many preschool teachers found ingenious ways to make math fun. They shared their secrets with us, so if you are ready, join us in this conversation.

Start with the Basics

Counting is the foundation of math. It would help if you started teaching your little ones the basic math principles at an early age. Let us say that on your last trip to the grocery, you bought their favorite fruits. To make the exercise fun, you can put the treats in front of them to count.

Pre-school teachers also use pictures to introduce math to their pupils. These visual aids make the process more enjoyable, especially when the kids are still learning to count. Other than helping your little angels to identify what these numbers look like, you can use these pictures to teach them simple arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards have been a part of teaching since time immemorial. It would help if you took advantage of this beautiful teaching aid when introducing math to your little ones. What is even more remarkable about flashcards is that you can easily make one from everyday items.

Let us say that your little one finds it hard to remember how the number three looks like. All you need to do is to grab an index card and write the number five on it. You can draw five starts on the flashcard to help your child remember the lesson.

Incorporate Fun Exercises

Preschool teachers often look for ways to make math fun. They would sometimes use food to drive the basic arithmetic principles without scaring their pupils. You can use this method at home too.

Earlier, we mentioned that you could present your kid’s favorite fruit to introduce counting. You can cut the said treat to teach them fractions. Children find lessons easier to understand if you incorporate them in things that they often see.

You can teach them math by playing math games. This activity will not only prove to be an excellent way for the whole family to bond. But it can also teach them math. The most common games are Yahtzee, Baffle, and Dominoes.


Math is the language of science. It is also the foundation for business courses. Even social sciences utilize math. No one can ever evade it.

Even with that simple fact, many people are afraid of math. However, your child does not have to be one of them. With your help, they can learn to love the subject. And if properly nurtured, your little one can excel in it.

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