mother reading with child

A child’s future opportunities will be significantly limited without the ability to read well. Different approaches to reading instruction may be more effective for different students.

Making reading fun and interesting for kids is the most critical thing you can do to keep them interested in and motivated to read. Instruction in reading can be made more exciting and enjoyable with these eight activities:

1. Spend Some Time Having Some Fun Together with Words

Your child’s vocabulary and reading skills can benefit from playing fun word games with the whole family. These skills can get a fun boost from playing classics like Scrabble, Boggle, Word Ladder, and Hangman.

2. Make Use of Picture Books

Children’s books are excellent tools for teaching reading because they are written with beginning readers in mind.

Spend some quality time reading aloud to your youngster, pointing out important details, and explaining how to sound out words. They can look at the photographs and make up a tale to tell you if you ask them to.

3. Begin with Simple Words and Phrases

Are they having trouble recognizing individual words? That’s a stepping stone to learning to read complete sentences. Introducing them to ordinary words and phrases is a great and easy method.

While going about your day, try calling attention to terms on various signs, labels, and packages. Another option is making a competition out of it by counting how many words begin with a given letter.

4. Go to the Library Together

Plan regular excursions to the library and encourage your youngster to borrow books that pique their curiosity. Reading for fun is just as significant as academic reading, and the library is a terrific location to locate books that capture your child’s attention.

It’s also a terrific approach to introduce kids to the library and teach them the importance of borrowing materials and returning them.

5. Invite Them to Read Out Loud

Reading aloud to oneself or others can be an effective teaching tool for young students. They can practice pronouncing and become familiar with the appearance of new words in print in this way.

As a parent or caregiver, you can get a sense of the areas in which they’re having the most trouble and step in to help. However, for some children, reading out loud can feel like work.

Therefore, why not turn it into a game? Try taking turns reading a book or article aloud and seeing who can read the most quickly and accurately.

6. Use Songs and Rhymes While You Exercise

You can teach words and phrases to children through rhymes and songs. They also aid in the development of better pronunciation.

You can find a wealth of valuable materials in books, magazines, newspapers, or the internet. Your child will have a much easier time learning to read and retain more of what they know if you incorporate music into their lessons.

7. Invite Them to Keep a Journal

Providing your child with a journal to keep is another excellent way to get them to write and read regularly. Students can use it to keep track of their ideas and feelings or to compose creative works like short tales, poetry, and articles.

They can also keep a reading journal in which they record unfamiliar words and phrases, research their meanings, and incorporate them into their writing.

8. Hand Them a Flashlight

We know this method of teaching reading sounds unusual but stick with us. Sit down in the dark with your kid with a flashlight of their size. Put the light on a page of a book or article, and have them read it aloud.

This will allow them to tune out the world and concentrate on spoken words. The bonus is that it’s a lot of fun to do!


There are various ways to teach a child to read, and each method has unique benefits. Using a combination of these methods, you can create an exciting and fun learning environment for your child to help them become proficient readers.

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