8 Tips Prepare Your Child for Preschool

For a lot of kids, starting preschool is dreadful. Adjusting to a new environment isn’t easy, especially for a young child. If your child is about to enter preschool and you have mixed emotions, don’t worry. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with different emotions. 

Here are tips to help your child adjust to preschool:

1. Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself beforehand will help you avoid a meltdown later down the road. Give yourself time to settle down, as you would when preparing for a big meeting or presentation. You don’t want to be stressed or anxious around your child. Allowing yourself time to reflect and gather your thoughts will help put you mentally in a calm place.

2. Set a Routine

Create a routine before your child starts preschool. Have your child get ready for the day, including getting their coat and backpack or putting on their shoes. The routine will help your child feel safe and secure.

3. Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Make a point of saying goodbye every day. You will want to make sure you say goodbye before you leave your child in their classroom. It’s important for your child to feel like they are protected and safe.

4. Talk to the Teacher

Set up a time to talk to your child’s preschool teacher. Ask the teacher about their classroom rules, schedule and any potential triggers. Discuss what your child should and shouldn’t do. Most teachers will be happy to answer any questions you have.

5. Prepare Your Child

Talk to your child before the big day. Show your child the picture of their classroom and your child’s teacher so they can get a visual. Read your child their new school supply list and help them pick out a few new items. Have your child help you pack their backpack before school starts so they feel a sense of belonging.

6. Have Positive Interactions

Have positive interactions with your child. Play with your child and spend time together. If possible, take your child to school for a tour and meet their new teacher. This will allow your child to feel comfortable in their new environment.=

7. Address Fears

If your child has any fears, address them. Talk with your child and help them to understand they will be okay. If your child has separation anxiety, set up a bedtime routine. Go over a list of things your child can do when feeling sad. It’s important to help your child feel comfortable and safe.

8. Ask for Help

If you are struggling, reach out for help. Talk to your child’s teacher and let them know how you feel. If you are concerned your child is having difficulty adjusting, talk to your child’s teacher. Together you can find ways to help your child feel comfortable.

The Bottomline

Starting school feels scary for kids and parents. It is normal for feelings of apprehension to surface. We are all human. Once your child adjusts to preschool and settles into their routine, they will start to thrive.

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