child studying

Being a parent can be very challenging, and one of the biggest challenges you can face is if your child isn’t keen on going to school. For preschoolers, in particular, it is common for them to seemingly be excited to play with their friends but throw a tantrum because they want you to stay with them.

You must stay calm and be as patient as possible. This behavior is simply your child wanting to express what they cannot, asking you to stay and play with them.

Your child learns how to interact with others while they’re in school. During these hours without their parents around, children learn how to manage their emotions and frustrations. By being patient and learning how to understand them, you will exhibit the respect and kindness that they deserve. It is also important to be mindful of how you treat your child since they will mirror these traits as they age.

If you are still struggling to make your child want to go to school, here are some tips that can help you along the way:

1. Take Some Time to Reflect and Organize Your Routine

Take a moment to think about your morning routine. Do you constantly find yourself in a hurry? Are you always running late? Maybe you don’t have enough time to get your kid and yourself ready for the day. Perhaps you barely have enough time for yourself.

Weekday mornings can be stressful not just for the parents but also for the children. There’s a lot that needs to be done in the morning before you leave the house. Maybe amidst the chaos, your child will become stressed too. To avoid that, you need to figure out a morning routine that allows you to have enough time for yourself and your kid. Preparing everything you can the night before a school day can help.

2. Let Your Child Know That You’re There for Them

Whether you know it or not, your child shows their emotions and tries to communicate their true feelings to you. Not all children can express themselves verbally, so you must observe them and determine what message they’re trying to convey. After all, the answer to why they keep resisting going to school might be in the way they behave. It would help to let them know that you are there to listen and understand what they’re going through.

Simple phrases can help encourage your child to talk about what upsets them about going to school. You can start with what they like doing at home, then ask if they also enjoy doing it with their school friends.

3. Keep Track of Important Details

You need to keep track of any changes in your child’s behavior and day-to-day activities. Simple things such as listing down what they should have done for the day and noting any signs they might have given can help you understand your child better.

4. Be Aware of the School Schedule

Predictability can be a child’s friend since they feel more secure when they know what to expect for the day. To help you out, ask the school about what their planned activities will be for the week. You can then discuss them with your child in a positive way and help them look forward to what they will do in school. Talk about how interesting their day will be and how excited you are to hear about how their day will go.


It isn’t easy being a parent, but it is a gratifying experience. By understanding your child, you can get closer to them and find the best ways to soothe them. And, if you’re looking for the best school for them to attend, consider checking out our daycare in St. Cloud, FL.

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