After-School Activities for Kids

After school, kids have an immense amount of energy that needs to be channeled. They can’t just be told to go play outside; how are they supposed to come up with something fun to do on their own? Here are some excellent ideas for creative and fun after-school activities for kids:

Make a Lego Movie

What can be more fun than stop-motion animation? With this activity, kids are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination!

You will need:

– Lego bricks

– Downloadable stop-motion animation program

– A tripod

– A computer

– A wide-angle, zoom, and macro camera

– Movie editing software


Start by filming your Lego brick set-up in the first position. Then, start moving your Lego brick set-up to the next position. Make sure that all your Lego bricks are still in the frame. Stop there and start filming again. Once you have a few shots, you can start making your movie. Edit your images and create your own Lego movie.

Play a Board Game

Board games are a great way to come up with creative ideas and wind down after a long day. These games are also a great learning tool, as kids can learn how to strategize and plan ahead.

You will need:

– A board game to play

– Board game variations


Get a group of kids together and play a board game. Have each group come up with their own game ideas. This will help them learn to be creative, and it will help them learn how to come up with new game ideas.

Write a Story and Illustrate It

Get the kids together and have them write a story together. Whether it’s a twisted version of Cinderella or a story based on an actual situation, the story must be written in the first person. Then, children can illustrate the story.

You will need:

– A blank storybook

– Pencils, crayons, and markers


Have the kids write a story together. Give them a few prompts to help them get started. Next, have them illustrate their story with colorful drawings. Make sure they color outside the lines and create their own characters.

Make Your Own Exploration Kit

If your child is interested in geology, biology, or something of the sort, take them on an adventure and help them find some cool rocks and plants.

Here are some ideas for making your deduction kits:

– For geology, you can get a few rocks, a small hammer, and a magnifying glass.

– For biology, look at some animals and see if you can find a leaf to match with a flower.

– For chemistry, you can get a few safe chemicals and have kids play with them.

You will need:

– A wide-angle and macro camera

– A natural setting


Have the kids search for something to use for their particular science lesson. Make sure the setting is natural–don’t just have them search through the toy cupboard. Encourage the kids to come up with the scientific name for the item they have found.


Getting kids to be creative is an excellent way for them to learn how to think outside of the box. It also gives them an avenue to explore their wildest and most innovative ideas without being judged. These after-school activities will have kids thinking about some fascinating topics, making it a lot more fun!

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