Blended learning has become increasingly popular in educational settings, and many schools have embraced this innovative approach to teaching. Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with digital technologies such as computer-based instruction, online learning, and simulations. By blending the two, students get the best of both worlds: the personal attention of a teacher and the flexibility and convenience of digital learning tools.

So, what are the five types of blended learning that schools employ today? Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Station Rotation Model

In this model, daycare students rotate through multiple learning centers in the classroom, such as computers, reading centers, and teacher-led instruction, in a predetermined sequence. This model gives students more control over their learning, as they can choose which activities to focus on and when.

2. The Flipped Classroom Model

This model involves students watching pre-recorded lectures or instructional videos at home and then completing activities in class with their teacher’s guidance. This allows students to come to class better prepared, saves teachers time on lecturing, and allows them to spend more time helping students with their projects.

3. The Flex Model

This model is also known as the “teach-and-go” model. In this model, students work independently on digital instruction or resources while the teacher can answer questions and provide guidance. This model allows students to learn at their own pace and gives the teacher more time to focus on individual student needs.

4. The Online Lab Model

This model involves students working independently on online assignments and activities while the teacher can answer questions and provide guidance. This model allows for more student-centered instruction, as the teacher can focus more on individual student needs.

5. The Individual Rotation Model

This model involves students rotating through individualized learning activities, such as online lessons, simulations, and teacher-led instruction. The teacher is available to provide guidance and education when needed. This model allows for more personalized instruction and gives students more control over their learning.

The Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended learning allows for the development of personalized learning paths for each student. Since each student has different learning needs and abilities, blended learning will enable teachers to tailor instruction to each student’s skills and interests. This instruction can help daycare students stay engaged and motivated to learn.

Blended learning also gives students more control over their education. Combining classroom instruction with online learning allows students to access materials and resources as needed, allowing them to move at their own pace. This instruction can also help students develop self-regulation skills, as they must take responsibility for their learning.

Blended learning is also cost-effective. Schools can save money on instructional materials by utilizing online resources. Additionally, blended learning can reduce the need for physical classrooms, saving schools money on staffing, materials, and other costs associated with traditional classrooms.

Finally, blended learning can give students access to various materials. By utilizing online resources, students can access materials from around the world. This can help students gain a more global perspective and develop an understanding of different cultures and perspectives.


Each of these models offers unique advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to consider your school’s individual needs and goals before choosing a blended learning model. By understanding the five types of blended learning that schools employ today, you can decide on the best approach for your students.

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