Knowing numbers 1-30 is an important skill for kindergarteners, and as a parent there are several ways you can introduce numbers to your preschooler(s). Being able to recite numbers is one thing, but it’s more important that your child (or children) begin to understand what numbers are and what they do. At Bright Scholars Academy in St. Cloud, FL, our preschool programs can help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond by introducing creative and memorable ways to learn about numbers. Supplementing this at home is important of course, so here are 7 ways to teach numbers to your children!

1. Number Rhymes and Songs

Using rhymes and songs is a fun way of learning numbers for little ones of practically any age. You can use number songs and rhymes like “10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, “This Old Man – He played One”, “1-2 Buckle My Shoe,” etc. to teach kids about numbers in a fun and enjoyable way. Plus it tends to keep their attention, and they can join in in singing eventually! Show the numbers on your fingers as you sing together with your child so that the child knows that a particular number relates to that many fingers.

2. Incorporate Numbers into Daily Tasks

Use numbers in daily tasks that you or your child do- like count out their apple slices or peas with them. Encourage them to count their toys as they help you put them away after playing. This helps connect numbers with quantities. 

3. Write Down Numbers and Have Them Draw that Many

Write down numbers in a notebook and have your child draw something of the same quantity. For example, write 3 and ask the child to draw three scoops on an ice cream cone. For 4, you could ask them to draw a flower with four petals. You can switch this up by drawing several quantities of an object and asking your child to count them and tell you the number.

4. Point Out Numbers While in the Car

When you and the family are out and about, point out numbers on billboards, road signs, and even vehicles to help them recognize the numbers by sight. This can be helpful when your child begins writing numbers. 

5. Teach Number Orders with Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots teaches kids the order of numbers. If you’re not comfortable creating one yourself, just purchase a book full of them. There are plenty out there, even at dollar stores. These dots need to be connected sequentially to draw the shape or picture. Shapes and numbers go hand in hand, so you can draw 4 dots on paper or a whiteboard and number them 1-4, having your child create a square. Six dots would make a hexagon, so on and so forth. Depending on your child’s age or development, you may need to help your child connect the dots to draw that shape. Once the shape is drawn, let your child color it in to make it more fun.

6. Count Fingers and Toes

Counting fingers and toes is a great way to introduce preschoolers to numbers. You can start this at a very young age, even if they don’t fully understand yet. The bathtub is a great place to count fingers and toes as you wash each one. You could make them count the fingers on each hand and ask them to compare the number of fingers on each hand. As they catch on and start figuring it out, you can ask them specifically how many big toes they have or how many pinky fingers they have.

7. Use Flash Cards

Either buy or make flashcards with numbers zero to nine and use these to play various number games with your child. For example, you could place the numbers in a random order and help your child arrange them in the correct sequence. Matching games can also help in number recognition. 

At the end of the day, children are quick learners, and can grasp concepts with ease. Introducing numbers to kids in a fun way will help them begin to recognize, learn, and understand numbers. Preschool age children tend to simply memorize the numbers, but when you relate the quantity of everyday objects to the numbers, they will gradually begin to understand what those numbers mean. The most important thing to remember is that each child is unique and will learn at his or her own pace, so try to avoid comparing the learning abilities of other children to your own. Together with the preschool programs at Bright Scholars Academy in St. Cloud, FL, we can get your child ready for kindergarten and beyond. To reserve your child’s spot today, simply complete this pre-registration form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your enrollment needs.