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Parents carry a lot of responsibility in taking care of their children. Kids are not just dependent on providing for their needs; there is also the task of guiding them in becoming responsible and law-abiding citizens. It is also encouraged in Christian teachings, as is written in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

How do you instill the value of responsibility in your children? The best way is to lead by example. But aside from that, here are some ideas you can try out with your children to teach and model the proper behavior.

1. Commit to Spending Meal Times Together with Family

A simple way to teach your children responsibility is by introducing them to the concept of commitment. One thing you can do is to make the tradition of spending meal times together. If you can’t do it throughout the day, at least pick dinner. Make it a time that no one in the family can miss, which encourages the value of commitment.

Aside from this, it’s undeniable that the dinner table is also a chance to retain familial connections. You can talk about the best and worst parts of your day and give your child the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe space.

2. Teach Your Child How to Manage Money

Money is an essential part of life, so starting your children young is the best way to instill in them the value of money. To start your children out, you can give them chores with monetary perks, a weekly allowance which they have to budget on their own, and the ability to save for things that they want like toys, books, or clothes.

As Christian parents, one thing that you need to teach them is to dividing money into three—for spending, for saving, and for tithes. With tithes, they’ll know how to show thanks and give back to God. By saving, they’ll learn the concept of delayed gratification and buying things you worked hard and saved up for. With spending through a weekly allowance, they’ll learn the concept of budgeting and prioritizing the things you need before anything else.

3. Assign Your Child Simple Chores to Do around the House

If you want your children to become responsible instead of spoiled and entitled, it is important to start them young by teaching them simple household chores. You can even begin while they are still toddlers—teach them to clear out their toys after playing with them. Your kids can also learn about putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, set and clear out the table, water plants in your garden, and once they’re old enough, washing the dishes after your meals.

Final Thoughts

Responsibility is a valuable trait that anyone—whether young and old—must learn to incorporate into their life. By starting your children while they are young, this value will be a vital part of their character as they grow up. 

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